Podcasting in Education

Podcasting is the ability to create or listen to audio or video content either live or downloaded for later use. A podcast is similar to a radio show in that each show consists of a series of individual episodes you can listen to on your computer or on a digital audio player like an iPod. What distinguishes a podcast from a traditional radio show is that you can listen to a podcast whenever and wherever you want to, and you can subscribe to a podcast series so when a new episode is available, it automatically downloads to your computer.

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Sites About Using Podcasting in Education

  1. Introduction to Educational Podcasting - This site by Wesley Fryer i a large collection of all things podcast.
  2. Podcasting in the Classroom - Tips for teachers, tips for students, and podcasting resources
  3. Podcasting in Education - Includes collection of articles showing how podcasting is valuable instructional tool
  4. Podcasting - Tony Vincent - Resources for creating and listening to podcasts by Tony Vincent at Learning in Hand.
  5. Podcasting Development Resources
  6. Talking to Administrators about Podcasting - Tips for talking to your administrator about using podcasting
  7. Podcasting 101 for K-12 Librarians

Ideas for Using Podcasting

  • Publish student work
  • Student project for assessment
  • Distribute school assignments
  • Peer teaching
  • Language classes
  • Create archive of class lectures
  • Interview guest experts
  • Create oral histories
  • Communicate with parents
  • Community outreach
  • Audio tours
  • Public safety messages
  • School happenings/performances
  • Professional development and personal learning
  • KidCast: Exciting Podcast Activities to Promote Research and Learning

Types Podcasts

Audio only
Enhanced podcasts
Video podcasts (vodcasts)
Some Thoughts About Video Podcasting- a blog post by Dan Schmit

Examples of Podcasts

Podcasts for Students

Mr. Langhorst's Web Classroom - Speaking of History
Grammar Girl's Quick & Dirty Tip for Better Writing
Colonial Williamsburg Podcasts
Vocab Minute from The Princeton Review
* Just Vocabulary
* Flow English Podcast - learn about idioms and slang
Dan's Mathcast
ReelMath - basic math skills
Our City Podcast
Booktalks Quick and Simple by Nancy Keane
Storynory: Kids Audio Stories
Scottsbluff Vocal Music Podcasts

Podcasts by Students

Jamestown Elementary Podcasts
* Radio WillowWeb
The ColeyCast - The Official Podcast of Room 34
The CarverCast
* Our City Podcast
Coulee Kids Podcast
Eagan High School Honors Chemistry Podcasts
This I Believe - based on the NPR series - Charlotte High School, MI
* Whitmore Lake HS Book Talks
Lunch Time Leaders Podcast

World Languages

Discover Spanish
The FrenchPodClass
The Arabic PodClass
Arabic Language Podcast

Podcasts by/for Media Specialists

Reading Roundup Podcasts - Hillside MS, Northville, MI
ProQuest Podcasts
Teen Booktalk Podcasts
Just One More Book!! - a podcast about children's books

Professional Development Podcasts for Educators

Kidcast: Podcasting in the Classoom - a blog and podcasts about podcasting in the classroom
Inside Michigan Education
The Whole Child Podcast: Changing the Conversation About Education - from ASCD
REMC Podcasts - Mike Arnold, Professional Development Specialist at REMC 3 & 9
Nausett Public Schools Podcasts - Technology News
MI State Superintendent of Education, Mike Flanagan
District Leaders Podcast
K12 Science in Michigan - David Bydlowski, Wayne RESA Science Consultant
Podcasts for Leaders in Mathematics Education
SmartBoard Lessons Podcast
The TechPod Zone
Moving at the Speed of Creativity - Wes Fryer
LD Podcasts - The Podcast About Learning and Learning Disabilities
Lower Merion School District Podologue
Learning Matters Podcast

Special Interest Podcasts - a variety of examples

National Geographic Podcasts
National Gallery of Art Podcasts
Internet Safety Podcast
Science Friday
LearnOutLoud Podcasts
ESL Podcasts - podcasts to assist English language learners
Merriam-Webster's Word of the Day
iZoofari Audio Tours from the San Diego Zoo
Science from Scientific American
First Book Podcasts - podcast interviews with authors of children's books
Quirks and Quarks
Purina Cat and Dog Podcasts
The Geneaology Guys Podcast
Gardening in the Zone

Listening to Podcasts

  • Online "jukeboxes"
  • Download to computer
  • Subscribe and download to aggregator or podcatcher
iTunes - Click here to download to your computer

camera41.gif Downloading and Installing iTunes
camera41.gif Locating and Listening to Podcasts Using iTunes

Finding Podcasts

The Education Podcast Network
Podcast Alley

iTunes - Click here to download to your computer

Creating Podcasts

Podcasting for Teachers and Students - This booklet explores the possibilities of podcasting with students - written by Tony Vincent, creator of Radio WillowWeb.
Simple Steps to Podcasting - Nine basics steps to creating a podcast.
How to Podcast - "The definitive step-by-step guide on how to podcast without breaking the bank."
Podcasting in Community Colleges - great tutorial that explains podcasting, shows how to use Audacity to record and edit, and describes how to post your podcast using Edublogs or Blogger.
Podcasting: A Beginners Guide
PoducateMe - Practical Solutions for Podcasting in Education - for a more in-depth look at podcast creation
Podcast RSS Feed Options - Tony Vincent blog post on options for hosting and setting up an RSS feed for your podcast
Creating an RSS Feed

Audio Software for Recording and Editing

Audacity - free software for Mac, PC, or Linux
LAME MP3 Encoder - required with Audacity for saving project in MP3 format

Audacity Tutorials/Instructions
Audacity Tutorial - Start with this tutorial from Audacity experts.
Audacity Tutorial - Audacity activity tutorial created by Patricia Janann Nicholson
Editing Audio with Audacity - from the University of Wisconsin
Audacity Tutorial - from GuidesandTutorials.com

camera41.gifUsing Audacity - basic screencast tutorial by Tony Vincent - 16 min.
camera41.gif Podcasting with Audacity Video Tutorials
camera41.gif Audacity Tutorial for Podcasters

Garageband - audio recording, editing, and podcast creation for Mac

Tools for Podcasting

Digital Voice Recorders
Podcasting Bundle
Pop Filter
Pop filter/pop guard/spit guard - economy version

ProfCast - a versatile, powerful, yet simple to use tool for recording presentations (including PowerPoint and/or Keynote slides) for creating enhanced podcasts - Mac only - $59.95
Podcast Maker - a tool for Mac OS X that makes podcasting simple. Novices can become podcasters and professionals can podcast with much less effort and time. Import prepared audio files and add images. - $29.95
Tool Factory Podcasting - The software combines a scripting tool, sound recorder, easy uploading, and broadcast utility into one easy interface. Download the 30-day trial and see how easy it is! Windows only - $99.99
Photo Story 3 - free software download from Microsoft that allows you to create a digital slideshow with music. Can be saved and posted as a video podcast. Windows only.
GarageBand - part of iLife suite. Mac only - $79

Online Podcast Hosting - These sites take the hard part out of getting a podcast online. Both provide server space and establish an RSS feed.
Edublogs - This free blog site for educators allows you to post podcasts within your blog entries.
Blogger - free blog site
  • First, register for an account. You'll need to give a username, password and email address.
  • Next, check the confirmation email and click on the link. This will take you to your new podcasting homepage.
  • From here, you only need to click on one or two buttons to record straight from your browser or upload your previously created MP3 file.
  • Afterwards, your audio is automatically published as a podcast.
Podbean - Easy free podcast hosting.
Gcast - Record your podcast from any phone. Free podcast hosting.
Internet Archive - free podcast hosting.

Music & Sound Resources

Online Collections
Creative Commons
Free Music Archive (FMA)
Freeplaymusic - copyright-free music, but NOT for broadcast purposes, including podcasting
Musopen! - classical pieces
Open Music Archive - collection of "vintage" out of copyright recordings
Podcast Bumper Music
Podsafe Audio
Podsafe Music Network
Podsafe Music Resources - a long list to explore
Purple Planet
RoyaltyFreeMusic.com - diverse set of royalty-free music clips that can be used, without limitation, in educational projects - changes regularly
SoundSnap - free sound effects and loops
Soundzabound - available as online subscription or on CD

Software for Creating Original Music
GarageBand - free on all Macs
Super Duper Music Looper - easy to use music-making software for kids of all ages. Windows only. $12-$20

Podcasting in the News

Kindergarteners Prove Podcasting Child's Play
Book Not Ready for Print? You Can Whip Up an Audiobook for a Podcast for Now
Students and Teachers, from K to 12, Hit the Podcasts
Podcast Trumps Lecture in One College Study

Books and Publications about Educational Podcasting

Podcasting_for Teachers and Students (PDF) by Tony Vincent
Blogs, Podcasts, Wikis and Other Powerful Web Tools for Classrooms by Will Richardson - available here
Kidcast: Podcasting in the Classroom by Dan Schmidt - available from FTC Publishing
Kidcast: Creative Podcasting Activities, Strategies and Ideas by Dan Schmit - available from FTC Publishing
Educator's Podcast Guide by Bard Williams - available from ISTE
Podcasting at School by Kristin Fontichiaro - available here
Student-Powered Podcasting by Christopher Schaumburg - available from ISTE

Podcast Terminology

Podcast - a media file that is distributed over the Internet using syndication feeds, for playback on portable media players and personal computers audio file that can can be subscribed to with individual programs called episodes
Podcasting - a method of publishing audio files (usually MP3s) to the Web, which are then made available through subscription and automatically downloaded to a personal computer or portable MP3 player. Podcasts are not meant to be listened to live, but whenever and wherever is most convenient for the listener.
Podcaster - the host or author of a podcast
Podcatcher - type of software, also known as an aggregator, used to subscribe to and manage podcast feeds
RSS - stands for Really Simple Syndication. A type of web feed used to publish frequently updated digital content, such as blogs, news feeds or podcasts.

PowerPoint presentation from Podcasting from A to Z,